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Our Story

Sound Cream Airstream is the brain child of long time NYC nightlife authority Andres Rizo and DJ and music enthusiast, Danielle Collier. Andres had spent 12 years in NYC managing and opening some of NYCs best clubs and lounges, producing events, managing talent, and developing a great ear for music.

Danielle, an aspiring DJ, came to NYC from San Antonio for a modeling job after working in arts, education, and restoration, and was quickly captivated by the fashion and nightclub scene. The two met while working together at an underground NYC nightclub in the Meatpacking District and fell deeply in love. Five years and one baby later, they landed in Texas.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to take nightlife alfresco. In the current political and environmental climate, we feel like people need to put down their phones, disconnect, get outside, and celebrate life! Sound Cream Airstream is about making going out an escape. We know what really makes going out in NYC so special is that it connects people from all walks of life and there is real power in being able to do that outdoors and anywhere. Needing just a little electricity and a few disco balls, they can bring music, drinks, and good people to the most unexpected places and create once in a lifetime experiences. When they aren't producing their own rare and magical parties, they are on a mission to enhance weddings, give corporations and brands new outreach, serve as a VIP lounge for festivals and large events, and to make your private party a night to remember.

What we offer

Sound Cream AIRSTREAM is a creative capsule. We are equipped with top of the line sound system for playing to small or large crowds, Dj equipment, and DJ booth, two bar set ups for full bar service, a removable interior lounge seating up to 10 people, and a dipping cabinet for popsicle or ice cream vending. Everything inside the Airstream has been designed for versatility and collaboration. Most furniture can be removed to make space for pop-up boutiques or collaborations with businesses and large corporations. We welcome opportunities to work with musicians, mixologists, chefs, artists, and designers to create one of a kind events.

“Sound Cream is great music. Sound Cream is good times. Sound Cream is connection. Sound Cream is dancing barefoot under the stars. Sound Cream is making magic. Sound Cream is changing how you go out.”




At Pearl Park
Sound Cream Sunset Sessions is in its FINAL MONTH and they are going out with a BANG! For September, Sound Cream is bringing San Antonians a Puro Latino Dance Party! So if you weren't brave enough to shake it this summer, now will be your chance. They have members of the dance-heavy collectives, BRUK OUT! and PELIGROSA! to start and a disco-house heavy DJ-duo from Guadalajara coming to close the entire series. You can expect everything from Reggae to Cumbia, to Hip Hop to Disco. Free. Shaded. Kid Friendly.

Sound Cream Airstream Sunset Sessions presents: Muévete! A Puro Latino Dance Party!

August and September.
WEDNESDAYS 5:30 pm to 9 pm



Dj Lineup

Dj Isaiah

September 9th - BrukOut!

Bruk Out! is San Antonios exclusive tropical and global bass crew. Founded by Isaiah.fromtexas and Sonora in 2013, the crew has created much needed scene for Caribbean and latin music in San Antonio. Being called the ``21st century reinvention of Miami bass``, (Remezcla), Bruk Out! pushes boundaries with sounds from South America, the Caribbean and even stretches as far as Africa to leave you feeling as if you just took a journey across the world. The crew has worked with many artist and crews, including Peligrosa, Bombon, Blackout, El Dusty, Dutty Artz' Riobamba, Deltatron of Terror Negro, Discos Mas, Cumbia Sazo, Sazon Libre, Fania records own Calentura as well as many national brands such as Johnnie Walker, Mikes Harder, Red Bull, Remezcla and more.
Dj Manny Austin Texas

Dj Manny

September 13th

Established December 2007, PELIGROSA is a collective of DJs, producers and visual artists re-energizing the sights and sounds of Latin Americas past, present, and future. We promulgate the antiquity of our deeply rooted sounds, cherishing its beauty, shedding light on its uniqueness while making it relevant to today’s audience. We play a wide variety of styles and enjoy music from the continents of South America, Africa and parts of Europe. We are dangerous music!

``My name is DJ Manny, and I came to dance. I've had a blessed life enriched by wonderful people near me. I call it proximal awesomnicity. Come with me if you want to dance...``

-DJ Manny.

Sequencers- SoundCreamAirstream

The Sequencers

September 20th - Guadalajara, Mexico

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniel and Gilberto Cornejo members of La volta ros & Electrique music are two brothers which began searching music and experimenting with it at very young age as a music lovers way, always true believers of the underground sound they started to gather a growing record collection of what they think are the best of now and then, but while they had different musical tastes and influences, converged in some basic principles: Music is all about feeling, dancing to it and having fun.
Without that much exposure, they nowadays have some studio work editing tracks as well as getting creative with remixes and own productions using their few equipment, cheap midi controllers and other toys to play around like ``ciencia ficción`` out on the label ``Electrique music`` their first single.
So since 2010 they present this project with non systematic vision of genres from old school funk to space and italo can be house or techno whatever there is a universe of sounds so just not quite sticking to one particular genre always eager to discover some fresh sounds creating an eclectical experience with a single purpose after all, make you move. They just don´t like lineal things...
They played with great people like Red axes, Rebolledo, Maceo Plex, Tiger and woods, Capablanca, Holy Ghost, Tim Sweeney, Fabrizio Mammarella, Dj Tennis, Shit Robot, Superpitcher, Manfredas and many more...

Original Tracks
Rocco Desentis Ft. Sequencers – Your Night, My Day (Electrique Music)
Sequencers – Ciencia Ficcion (Electrique Music)
Sequencers – Cometa (Disko Selectors)
Sequencers – Neverending (In Textures Music)
Sequencers – Maestro (Regith Records)
Sequencers Ft. Mosh Santacruz-Meccanica Futuristica(Play Pal music)
Sequencers- Afterhours (La volta ros)
Sequencers & Cabizbajo-Hipnotecno (Regith records)
Sequencers & Cabizbajo- El ritual (logical records)
Sequencers & Cabizbajo- Nightlife aficionado

Iñigo – Soy Electronico (Sequencers Remix)(Mixlefun)
Dirty Boodaz – Butterfly (Sequencers Remix)(K´AAY)
Duncan Gray-Deep Blue(Sequencers Remix) (Tici Taci)
Thomass Jackson-Social Assasin(Sequencers Remix)(Play Pal)
Tkuz-Space Love(Sequencers Remix)
Perdido key- Modification (Sequencers Remix) (Nein)
Dionigi- Magic (Sequencers remix)
Minstr- Get up (Sequencers Low mix)
Volta cab- Soapdirt (Sequencers remix)(Nein records)
Animal- Aztechno (Sequencers remix) (Disque discos)
Man 2.0-Do business (Sequencers remix) (Nein records)

Sequencers – We Want Your Soul (Bootleg)

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