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“The Party Just Rolled Up”

An all-in-one Mobile Discotheque

All we need is a little power and we have an open-air party, a rolling discotheque. SoundCream is a movement to take disco "al-fresco" bringing friends, family and business together.

What is Sound Cream & why you need it at your next event

We are a movement to take disco “al-fresco”; to take nightlife into the daylight.  We are on a mission to create community, to change the way you ‘go-out’, with the help of our shiny ‘rolling discotheque’. This is how we build community and this is how seamless it can be:

  • Easy All-in-one setup, no staging required
  • Family Friendly (kids and special needs can enjoy)
  • Building community through music
  • Increased community and revenue organically
  • Work with collaborative creative partners
  • Curation, talent and event management off your shoulders

Connect with our Creative Collective when working with Sound Cream

Inspire and energize your community to connect in a new and effective way with our all-in-one creative capsule, one of the best ways to enrich and create a new audience.

Unbelievable DJs and talent all curated for you without lifting a finger

Danielle & Andres Rizo have spent decades curating music from New York City to Detroit, Mexico, Texas honing their crafts in the music nightlife industry.

When you work with SoundCream, you can rest assured the curation will be unique and genuine for your event along with never having to worry about scheduling, communciating, managing or even setting up. Everything is done seamlessly for you.

SoundCream's Rolling Discotheque was made to be simple for you

Stop worrying about coordinating the many vendors and personalities for your event’s set-up. You don’t have to search, find, and book talent, engineers, audio/visual techs, stage or even a bartender. We can handle all that for you. Sit back and help us build your community to a new level together.

All in One Disco Tech

All-inclusive and Curated Series are what we do best

Building an all-inclusive community is at the top of our list! We have proven through the power of music and dance, as a recurring event, in a family-friendly outdoor setting, is the best recipe to achieve that goal.

Get ready to take your community-building power to the next level with SoundCream and connect with your city’s culture like never before.

Create community through music and take your brand to the next level

"We've noticed usually our sales are up about 30%, you know Wednesday when we have Sound Cream versus Wednesdays when we don't. So its been very impactful, it helps all of our restaurants, it helps our whole project because it raises awareness and because we've turned into part of our brand.

Elizabeth FauersoCMO of Pearl San Antonio Texas

Their sound, aesthetics, dynamics, and overall presence is something to see in one's lifetime. I crave my next soundcream airstream fix here in San Antonio, at the Pearl Brewery! I almost can't wait. Looking for their next scheduled set so that I may be present and prepared!

Alfonso Robles

The coolest thing this side of the, um, sky?! Seriously an amazing concept and always super fun. Even kids love it!

Tim McdiarmidLocal San Antonio

We f'n love it... We go every week...

Ira James Mendoza
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