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July 4, 2018

Sunset Session Inspired by Selena

Join us for a Sunset Session inspired by Selena. DJ Trey will be the DJ for the night. Here is a little about Dj Trey:

Ever since Santa brought him his first pair of turntables, DJ Trey has been spinning beats for his friends, schools, dances, parties, weddings, and corporate events. A native of Robstown, Texas, DJ Trey has ten years experience in the electronic music world. Some of his notable shows include playing at the Nocturnal Music Festival and the VIP tent at Euphoria Music Festival. His crown jewel performance was at the SXSW 13 at the Nook Amphitheatre where he played along side Crystal Method with Thomas Bangaltner of Daft Punk in the crowd.

Behind the tables, DJ Trey likes to keep it loose. He adapts to the crowd and appreciates venues where he can create his own set list and really get a feel for the energy and movement of the crowd. Being dynamic is one of the most important skills a DJ can possess and be sure that DJ Trey puts his all into creating a memorable musical experience.

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