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Danielle Rizo

Danielle, an aspiring DJ, came to NYC from San Antonio for a modeling job after workingin arts, education, and restoration, was quickly captivated by the fashion and nightclub scene.

The two met while working together at an underground NYC nightclub in the Meatpacking District and fell deeply in love. Five years and one baby later, they landed in Texas.

Andres Rizo

After owning Rizo Entertainment and serving the NYC scene for over ten years, running the famous classic cocktail lounge NYC Skylark and helping build an exclusive resort near the mayan ruins of Tulum with Danielle, they both decided to invest into their own dreams back in San Antonio.

This is where our story begins. Through the combined genius of a beautiful partnership they created the “Sound Cream Airstream”.

Sound Cream Airstream

“The Creative Capsule”

Danielle and Andres felt there was a strong desire for the San Antonio community that yearned for a place where they could have an amazing time, outdoors, connect, listen to music and have a place of their own where they’re children can play.

The Pearl Market Square in downtown San Antonio grabbed Sound Cream as quickly as possible. They wasted no time in booking the creative capsule and rushed to have both Danielle and Andres manage everything. From booking the Djs, to promotion and more.

The event was an incredible success. Raising attendees for the new Pearl Market square to a staggering amount every Wednesday where otherwise, it wouldn’t be nearly as busy.

“I feel like the heartbeat of San Antonio is downtown, the soul, the energy, the vibrance. The urban side of San Antonio its downtown. When you come downtown there is so much more of a desire to connect.” – Danielle

“Sound Cream is making magic” as Danielle loves to say. They make magic happen. For San Antonio, for Austin, for Texas and onward.

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